Investor Relations


Click here for information on the Association of Volksbanks.

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Financial Calendar

Here you will find all important dates and events at a glance.

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Click here for the prospectuses of VOLKSBANK WIEN AG.

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Covered Bonds

Click here for information regarding our covered bonds.

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Sustainability Bond Framework

Here you will find our sustainability bond framework and the corresponding second party opinion.

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Ownership Structure

Click here for the ownership structure of VOLKSBANK WIEN AG.

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List of Banks of the Association

The following banks are members of the Association.

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Code of Conduct

Click here for information on the code of conduct.

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Compliance Information

You will find compliance-relevant documents of VOLKSBANK WIEN AG here.

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Risk Management

Please find information on risk management here.

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Here you find contact information and the possibility to register for the investor relations mailing list.

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Notice of Redemption

Please find information about the (optional) redemption of ISIN AT000B121991.