• Disclosure according to the CRR

    Disclosure obligation under the CRR

  • Disclosure according to section 65a Banking Act (BWG)

    Disclosure according to section 65a Banking Act

    • According to section 65a BWG, the bank must explain on its website in which way it observes the provisions of sections 5 (1) (6) to (9a), 28a (5) (1) to (5), 29, 39b, 39c, 64 (1) (18) and (19) BWG and of the annex to section 39b BWG.

      Implementing this obligation, VOLKSBANK WIEN AG makes its bank-specific internal measures regarding observance of the Corporate Governance provisions and its remuneration provisions publicly accessible by providing the following fundamental information.

  • Publication according to section 81a (1) (7) Stock Exchange Act (Börsegesetz)

    Publication according to section 1 (14) Börsegesetz 2018

    • Exercise of the option regarding home member state

      The issuer VOLKSBANK WIEN AG hereby announces that the home member state under section 1 (14) Börsegesetz 2018 is Austria (publication 10 February 2016).

  • Information under the Media Act (Mediengesetz)

    Information under the Media Act


    • Publisher and owner
      Dietrichgasse 25, 1030 Vienna
      Line of business: Banking

    Managing Board

    • Gerald Fleischmann (Chairman of the Managing Board), Rainer Borns and Thomas Uher.

    Supervisory Board

    • Heribert Donnerbauer (Chairman), Franz Gartner (1st Deputy),
      Robert Oelinger (2nd Deputy), Susanne Althaler, Anton Fuchs, Helmut Hegen, Eva Hieblinger-Schütz, Christian Lind, Harald Nograsek, Monika Wildner, Hermann Ehinger, Manfred Worschischek, Christian Rudorfer, Elisabeth Sölkner, Bettina Wicha.

    State commissioners

    • Christian Friessnegg (state commissioner) and Katharina Hafner (state commissioner).

    Shareholders of the owner:

    • Republik Österreich (25 % ordinary shares)
      VB Wien Beteiligung eG (10.49 % ordinary shares)
      VB Baden Beteiligung e.Gen. (8.37 % ordinary shares)
      Volksbank Tirol AG (7.13 % ordinary shares)
      VB Ost Verwaltung eG (6.61 % ordinary shares)
      VB Niederösterreich Süd eG (5.29 % ordinary shares)
      Volksbank Steiermark AG (5.11 % ordinary shares)
      Volksbank Salzburg eG (4.48 % ordinary shares)
      VB Verbund-Beteiligung eG (3.81 % ordinary shares)
      VB Südburgenland Verwaltung eG (3.11 % ordinary shares)
      Volksbank Niederösterreich AG (3.08 % ordinary shares)
      WV Beteiligung eG AT (3 % ordinary shares)
      VB Weinviertel Verwaltung eG (2.81 % ordinary shares)
      Volksbank Oberösterreich AG (2.76 % ordinary shares)
      VOLKSBANK VORARLBERG e.Gen (2.35 % ordinary shares)
      Volksbank Kärnten eG (2.22 % ordinary shares)
      Österreichische Ärzte- und Apothekerbank AG (1.45 % ordinary shares)
      VB Beteiligungsgenossenschaft Obersdorf-Wolkersdorf-Deutsch-Wagram (1.29 % ordinary shares)
      Verwaltungsgenossenschaft Gärtnerbank e.Gen. (0.77 % ordinary shares)
      Volksbanken Holding eGen (0.62 % ordinary shares)
      SPARDA AUSTRIA Verwaltungsgenossenschaft eGen (0.26 % ordinary shares)

    • Fundamental orientation of content:

      • Presentation of VOLKSBANK WIEN AG
      • Information on products and services of VOLKSBANK WIEN AG as well as current price and market information

  • Articles of Association of VOLKSBANK WIEN AG

    • Articles of Association of VOLKSBANK WIEN AG

      Available in German only.


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